Nach Baliye written update episode 8

Nach Baliye 9, 10 August 2019 written update:

Tonight’s episode of Nach Baliye begins with Waluschaa and Maniesh revealing the theme, Hum Tum Aur Woh.Govinda makes his entrance and Raveena joins him on stage and together they perform on their hit numbers. Sunita Ahuja, Govinda’s wife, makes her entrance while they are performing. Together entertain the audience and perform on ‘Main Laila Laila’ number. Everyone join them on the stage. Maniesh pulls Chichi’s leg by asking about his WOH. Govinda then reveals how his love story began. They take their seats after that.

Walsuchaa and Maniesh call Jodi no. 6, #ViRima aka Madhurima and Vishal on stage. They perform on Agar Tum Saath ho from Tamasha. Everybody give them a standing ovation. Raveena says that they achieved something big as a dancer like Govinda gave them a standing ovation. Govinda explains their dance and praises them and their choreographer Sanam. He is called on the stage. The third person in #ViRima’s performance is the stretch band. Govinda says he doesn’t like couples who find ways to fight. Raveena gives them Hi5 and Govinda gives a rose to Vishal. Ahmed asks him to give the rose to Madhurima. He gives it to Madhurima in the most romantic manner, Madhurima thanks him.

Up next are called Jodi No. 11 #FaisAan aka Faisal Khan and Muskaan Kataria. They perform on ChiChi’s UP Wala Thumka but in MJ style. Govinda praises them saying that he never saw MJ in such way. He lauds them for clean performance. Ahmed too sings praise for FaisAan. Ahmed and Maniesh request Govinda to come on stage for a performance. Faisal, Govinda, Muskaan, Maniesh and Walsuchaa dance away on UP Wala Thumka. Faisal and Muskaan get 88 per cent.

Up next is Jodi No 8, AlyNa aka Aly Goni and Natasa Stankovic. They perform a Lavani on Mala Jaude and Aly performs on Awari alone. They earn a standing ovation. Ahmed lauds Aly and he certifies Aly as a freestyle dancer. Aly reveals how he prepped for his performance. Raveena too praises him. Govinda sings praises for Aly who is overwhelmed by his words. And with that AlyNa earn a Hi5!

Up next is Jodi no 10, #SouRidhi aka Sourabh Raaj Jain and Ridhima Jain. They perform a Ramayan act on Ghar More Pardesiya.Ahmed says he felt like a stage play. Raveena says it fantastic act. Sunita too praises the couple. Govinda praises the choreographer duo Shivani and Tarun as well. #SouRidhi earns 86.5 per cent.

Up next is Jodi No. 5 #PriVika that is Prince and Yuvika. They perform on Govinda’s hits like Oye Makhna, Akhiyon Se Goli Maare and Husna Hai Suhana. Govinda says that it was a Kurta Phaad performance. He praises the choreographer Aishwarya as well. They earn 82.5 per cent.

The show ends on with a preview of the next episode.


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