Kumkum Bhagya 13 June 2019 written update of full episode: Rhea requests Pragya to take care of her father

In the last episode we saw that everything gets back to normal between Pragya & Rhea and Abhi & Prachi but Abhi doesnt talk to Rhea for her behaviour. Suddenly a strong wind and storm starts. So the principal abandons the camp and all of them halt at a hotel. Tonight’s episode starts with Rhea talking to her friends in the hotel where she shares that she got stuck due to heavy rains like them. Her friends ask her to teach a lesson to Prachi but Rhea tells them that she doesnt want to talk on Prachi’s topic. Prachi overhears their conversation but leaves from there. Rhea also leaves from there. After Rhea enters the room, Abhi apologizes to Rhea. She gets very emotional and hugs him. She still shares that she hates Prachi but Abhi makes her understand that she should not have any hard feelings for Prachi as she is like her sister.

Rhea goes to talk to Prachi. Pragya (Sriti Jha) opens the door of the room. Rhea tells Pragya that she wants to apologize to Prachi too. Pragya is happy to know that. Prachi enters the room but she looks angry. Rhea also recollects that Prachi had slapped her on the cliff. So she again tells Pragya that she just came to meet her and leaves. But Pragya pacifies her to apologize to Prachi. Rhea also feels sorry and apologizes to Prachi. But Prachi doesnt react on that. Pragya asks Prachi to try to forgive Rhea. Prachi feels hungry. So Pragya goes to see what is there in the hotel which is ready. By that time Abhi also comes downstairs. Rhea’s college Madam likes Abhi. While she is about to propose Abhi, Abhi tells her that he already has a lady in his life. Just before Pragya and Abhi turn around, electricity goes off. But Abhi and Pragya see each other but in darkness they cannot find each other.

Both of them go out of the hotel to look for each other. They get disappointed and assume that it was there imagination. So Pragya gets back in the hotel. Abhi gets cough and cold due to the cold wind. Rhea asks the hotel receptionist to call the doctor. But Rhea gets panic the doctor might get late due to bad weather. Ranbir also asks her to be calm. After a while Ranbir sees Aryan and Shahana fighting. He asks Aryan to change his attitude towards Shahana. Meanwhile Rhea gets very tensed for Abhi. She calls Pragya and requests her to come and help her recover her father. Pragya agrees to come there. Vikram asks Rhea whether she trusts Prachi’s mother like Meera. Rhea keeps on praising Prachi’s mother. Vikram wonders about it. Meanwhile, Pragya also enquires about the doctor but she learns that the doctor will be late due to bad weather. So she asks the receptionist to arrange for some ice cubes to treat Abhi’s fever.

Pragya feels sad as Rhea is very tensed. Meanwhile, Vikram assures Rhea that Abhi will be fine. Vikram goes to check about the doctor, by that time Pragya enters Abhi’s room. So she cannot see Vikram going out. Abhi is sleeping and covered with a blanket so Pragya cannot immediately recognize him. Will Pragya come to know that it is Abhi? Stay tuned to find out.

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