Divya Drishti 12 October 2019 written update of full episode

After Chetan’s death, Rakshit comes to see his mother but then Pshachini gets in the middle. Mahima asks for a help from Drishti. Rakshit visits Pshachini and suddenly a knife appears in his hands magically. Drishti asks help from Romi. When Rakshit is about to kill Pshachini with the magical knife, Drishti comes and uses her powers to stop the knife. She and Rakshit hide behind the wall when Pshachini comes out looking for someone. Soon Drishti realizes that Rakshit has regained his memory. She takes him into a room where the entire family is present. The family rejoices. The two argue about killing Pshachini. Drishti ties his mouth and hands with a white dupatta. She tells him that they should not kill Pshachini without knowing the real motive behind this.

Pshachini takes his daughter to a vacant room to clean her hair. As soon as her hair is put in the water, a dark black cloud comes out and starts speaking to Pshachini. The evil shadow tells that before the next sunrise, Divya and Drishti will be too weak. That is the right time they should be killed by Pshachini.

Rakshit and family have a fake drama where Mahima slaps Rakshit but Pshachini doesn’t react which leaves everyone curious and dubious.

Both Divya and Drishti collapse. She gets a dream of her mom saying that on their 25th birthday the two girls will be the weakest. Rakshit and the family plans for their birthday. On the other hand, Pshachini is on a lookout for Rakshit.

Divya and Drishti get an idea of keeping Pshachini and Patali busy the entire night so that they will forget about killing the two. Meanwhile, Patali throws a fit that nobody plays with her. Therefore, Rkashit promises her that the entire family will play with her. He gathers everyone and tells them to play with her. After drama, confusion and debate they all decide to play cricket.

Pshachini makes Romi as stumps. They start playing the game. Drishti acts as if she got hurt and then escapes from the pitch. She goes to Patali’s room to find a weakness of hers. Patali, on the other hand, punishes Ojaswi for not taking Mahima’s wicket. Romi finds out that Patali does not have a heart in her body. When he tells Drishti, she and Rakshit start looking out for her heart.

They find out another dimension, a patal lok behind a mirror. Ojaswi is being drowned by Patali. There are major hue and cry. Soon, Pshachini realizes that Drishti and Rakshit are missing. The two enter the patal lok and are hanging. They hear Patali’s heart beating.

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