Did you know? Ram Kapoor’s transformation is a result of 16 hours of fasting

During the last week, TV and Bollywood actor Ram Kapoor sent social media into a frenzy when he shared a selfie of himself after having undergone a shocking transformation. Of course, the shock was a good one, but fans couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the clean-cut jawline and a much leaner Ram in the frame. And all this without any prior hints was what surprised one and all. He later went on to share more pictures of himself where it can be seen that the star has lost a lot of fat from his tummy as well. His gorgeous wife Gautami Kapoor encouraged her husband by commenting, “Hottie” on his picture and we so agree with her. He indeed is looking super hot in all these pictures.

In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Ram Kapoor spilled the beans on his weight loss journey saying, “I was 130 kgs when I started and I want to lose another 25–30 kgs. I decided that if I wanted to do achieve my weight goals, I will have to take time off from work. It would need to be a substantial length of time — six months to a year.” He elaborated on his regime mentioning, “As soon as I wake up in the morning, I do an hour of weight-lifting on an empty stomach. And, at night just before I sleep, I do cardio. I eat limited food during a period of eight hours. For the rest of the 16 hours, I don’t eat anything at all. I have given up dairy, oil, most carbs and sugar. I have given up normal food as I know it.”


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And of course, this must have been no easy task. A lot of dedication and focus is needed for such a regime. Ram said the same, expressing, “I knew this journey is going to be tough. It is a hard decision to stop work completely for such a long period. I have been an unhealthy man for the last 10 years of my career. I am grateful that my fans accepted me the way I was, and that I had a career. At some point, I had to decide to get healthier. Once I made that decision, my health became the priority and my career took a back seat.”

Talking about bagging roles solely because of the excess weight that he had, Ram shared, “Both the audience and the industry had accepted and embraced how I used to look. Once I start looking fitter, I will have to reinvent myself as an actor and build a different image for myself. I will not be able to get the same kind of roles I was getting in the last decade. It’s probably going to be hard, but that’s what has gotten me really excited about this transformation.”

About other transformations like that of his hair colour, Ram revealed, “I used to dye my hair for work but Gautami loves the salt-n-pepper-look. And, now I love it too. If at all a project needs me to dye it, I will, otherwise I’ll stick with this.” He added that wife Gautami Kapoor is his greatest support and motivation. He said, “Gautami is incredibly fit, which is a huge motivation. Eventually, our kids are going to grow up and go away. It’s just going to be the two of us taking care of each other, travelling and growing old together. I had the option of either being the way I am, where she’d need to take care of me because of how fat I was, or I could get as healthy as her so that both of us can enjoy life together.”


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My love !!!

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Well, what do we say? That is one super inspiring story right in front of our eyes. Ram has just made us aware how important it is to stay healthy on multiple levels. And we are so impressed with the whole transformation! Kudos to Ram and Gautami!

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