Aghori Weekend Recap: Adhvik wants revenge from Kamakshi; Kauravi troubles the Aghoris

In the previous weekend on Aghori, Adhvik marries Kamakshi instead of sacrificing. This makes Rudranath angry. Adhvik calms his anger saying this was all a plan of revenge. Adhvik reveals that Kamakshi’s parents had killed his own parents when he was a child. Kamakshi hears that Adhvik plans to kill her in a month.

Adhvik And Kamakshi Are Attacked In The Time Portal

When they return home, Dravya tells Adhvik that Aara went through a time portal she had created for Kamakshi to escape. Adhvik sets out to save Aara, but Kamakshi decides to go with him. This weekend on Aghori, Kamakashi is shivering and barefoot in the cold climate. Adhvik says he he is getting slowed down because of her. Kamakashi says she will continue to follow him. Adhvik and Kamakshi are attacked by an group of warriors throwing spears at them. Adhvik ensures Kamakshi’s safety before uprooting a tree and throwing it at the attackers. Once they are crushed Adhvik and Kamakshi continue on their journey.

Asmi Meets Kauravi, The Kankaali

Kauravi is the daughter of the most powerful Kankaali who was killed by Adhvik and the Aghori. She tells Kamakshi’s family that she’s from Adhvik’s family. When she meets Asmi, Kauravi lies about being Kamakshi’s friend. Asmi is disturbed by the thought of Adhvik being with Kamakshi. She doesn’t notice that Kauravi is a Kankaali. Kauravi slips under the radar and tries to find out about the other Aghori’s.

Adhvik Kills Kamakshi’s Niece

While walking in the cold mountains with Adhvik, Kamakshi thinks she sees her sister. Adhvik notices that the figure Kamakshi is running towards is not Aaradhya since she doesn’t have a shadow. Adhvik throws a spear and kills Aaradhya. Kamakshi cries uncontrollably thinking her sister is dead. When she turns back she notices that it was not her niece but a shape-shifting monster.

Kauravi Ruins Rudranth’s Plan To Reach Adhvik

Asmi decides to go with Indra and find Adhvik and Kamakshi. Rudranath decides to open a time portal and send them both through it and bring back Adhvik. However, Kauravi sees them and uses her powers to block the portal from opening. Rudranath is shocked that someone more powerful than him is in the same house. He goes out to look but Kauravi turns herself to dust and avoids getting caught.

Adhvik Puts A Ring Of Fire Around Kamakshi

When Kamakshi is trying to run away from Adhvik, the ice fall from under her feet. She falls down and gets buried under a lot of ice. Adhvik digs her out and tries to wake Kamakshi up. He realises her body is too cold and creates fire with his bare hands. He uses her fire as a protective ring to keep Kamakshi warm. When she wakes up Kamakshi thinks Abhi is trying to burn her by lighting her on fire. She admits that she knows Adhvik wants to kill her.

Rudranath Attacks Dravya Instead Of Kauravi

Kauravi uses her powers to stop Rudranath from opening a time portal. Rudranath is shocked and wonders if this was Dravya’s plan. Dravya is meditating to try and find out if Kamakshi and Adhvik are doing alright. Her meditation is broken when Rudranth storms in and demands to know what magic she is doing to stop him. Kauravi sees that Dravya and Rudranath are fighting and decides to use it to her advantage.

Adhvik Takes Kamakshi In A Shelter

Adhvik frees Kamakshi from a ring of fire by throwing a huge ball of snow. He doesn’t tell Kamakshi if he plans to kill her and refuses to answer any of her questions. Kamakshi says she doesn’t mind if Adhvik kill her but he has to save her neice Aaradhya. Adhvik says he values Kamakshi’s life more. He takes her to a shed where her light a fire to keep Kamakshi warm and make her clothes dry from all the wet snow.

Rudranath Manages To Enter Adhvik’s Time Portal

Rudranath takes Asmi and Indra into a cave. They carry one object belonging to Adhvik. Using their magic spells they are able to open a portal to the place where Adhvik is present. He plans to sacrifice Kamakshi in the other dimension itself. Dravya if worried for Kamakshi and opens a portal that will lead her to Kamakshi.

Kauravi Enters The Time Portal Too

Kauravi, the Kankaali who’s power proved too strong for Rudranath, find the portal left open by Dravya. She walks through it and finds all the Aghoris in one place. She decides to avenge her father’s death there. In the next episode, Adhvik and Kamakshi find Rakhi buried in ice. They manage to free her but run into Rudranath as well as Dravya. Will Adhvik manage to save Kamakshi’s neice in time? Stay tuned to find out.



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