Sumalatha Says Nikhil Kumar Could Have Held His Dignity | Sumalatha Shocked To See So Much Negativity During Elections

Sumalatha Was Shocked

The political scenario in Mandya took unexpected turns. The competition between the contesting parties was quite intense. Addressing this she said, “I did expect some opposition, which included the usual kind of election negativity. But I didn’t think it would go to this extent, because I expected a little more courtesy from people who have been friends and a part of our lives and, more importantly, people who have gained so much from Ambareesh.”

Sumalatha On Nikhil’s Post

Commenting on Nikhil Kumar’s recent post she said, “I wish his goodwill gesture had happened during the election as well, it would have set an example for future generations. I think my message was exactly that throughout the campaign – even if it is an election, you can be cordial and hold on to your dignity. And I think I proved my point.”

She’s Straying Away From Cinemas

Being an MP, Sumaltha is always going to be on her toes. Talking about her career in films, Sumalatha added, “As of now, I don’t see acting happening. The time or the frame of mind would not be there, because there is so much to be done, for which I will have to be running around a lot. I will be focusing on this for now.”

Is Abhishek Ready For Politics

Doesn’t seem like Sumalatha is keen on getting Abhishek involved in politics yet. “He needs to focus all his energies into shaping his career as an actor and making a name for himself. His debut film was only one baby step that he has taken in the film industry. I would also prefer that he stays put here as an actor for a while,” she concluded.


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