Rakshit Shetty’s Avane Srimannarayana Is Made For Everyone Says Producer Mallikarjunaiah

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Sandalwood actor-director Rakshit Shetty is returning to cinemas after a hiatus with his most anticipated film of the year, Avane Srimannaraya. Appearing in an eccentric cop avatar, Rakshit Shetty’s character comes across as a handful! The second teaser which released a few days ago has received great response from his fans. Upon watching a few scenes, viewers said its on par with Hollywood films. Producer Mallikarjunaiah, in a recent interview with TOI, has stated that the film is made for everyone.

akshit Shettys Avane Srimannarayana

He said, “We have made the movie for everyone. 90 per cent of the movie is shot on the sets. There are 14 large sets and the rest are smaller ones. We have created an old-time retro pub, a forest on the set. There is the village colony, the outer and inner sets of the castle, among others.”

The makers are planning on releasing it in Hindi and Kannada simultaneously. Elaborating more on this, the producer further added, “The movie had to be adapted to the tastes of the North Indian audience and the Bollywood industry. We were not willing to compromise in any way. We had put in a lot of big sets for the script.”

Meanwhile, here’s what the fans have to say about Avane Srimannaraya’s teaser:

@Vasuki1995 -“Masterpiece requires some time to arrive, but once it hits the floor audience will celebrate with a huge note. #AvaneSrimanNarayana is one of the kind & will have overwhelming reception. Every shot is lit😍 Swaggy attitude of @rakshitshetty is wow”

@YashRajGhorpad2 – “I need to say this now… So, basically, we all have seen movies like Bahubali, kgf…Believe me The teaser are giving me those major vibes of this periodic movie. Take a look at this “Magnum Opus” @rakshitshetty @shanvisrivastav”

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@followtayeeb – “#AvaneSrimannarayana Teaser 2 – Rise Of A Hero Is Intense, Comedic at Places and Hit The Right Chords (At least For Me). Loved The Tone. Can’t Wait To See @rakshitshetty & @shanvisrivastav In This One.”


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