Rakshit Shetty Knew He’d Be Among The Top 5 Kannada Directors | Rakshit Shetty Keen On Commercial Success

Success Comes With Hard Work

Rakshit Shetty isn’t shy about take priding in his success. He said, “Success comes to anyone who works hard – you should just follow your dreams. I believe nothing is impossible as everything has been achieved by human beings just like us. But I knew I’d be among the top five filmmakers in the industry at some point – it was just the timeline that I wasn’t sure of.”

Craved For A Commercial Hit

Like a any other director or actor, Rakshit craved for a commercial hit. When asked what pushed him towards making Kirik Party, he responded, “All my films had done average business but I hadn’t had a blockbuster. I was keen on commercial success.”

On Ulidavaru Kandante

It is Ulidavaru Kandante that showcased Rakshit Shetty’s talent to the world. But, he was extremely upset about it failing at the box office. He said, “The movie got a lot of critical acclaim but wasn’t a blockbuster at the box office. I was very upset. It was a film that I think was ahead of its time for the Kannada audience.”

Sudeep In Rakshit’s Next?

Talking about collaborating with Kiccha Sudeep, Rakshit said, “I like to act in all the films that I write. But I will be directing a film with Sudeep. After Ulidavaru Kandanthe, he reached out to me saying that he would be interested if I had any scripts for him. That was a big moment for me.”


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