Radhika Pandit On Suffering From Inferiority Complex | Radhika Pandit Feels She’s Fat & Doesn’t Look Good

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Sandalwood actress Radhika Pandit chose to stay away from films after getting hitched to the KGF actor Yash. Though she hasn’t been in the news as much on the professional front, her personal life has been receiving a lot of attention. After welcoming her first child only a few months ago, the actress is pregnant for the second time. Undoubtedly, she’s one of the prettiest actresses in Sandalwood. But, in a recent press conference Radhika Pandit has spoken about suffering from inferiority complex. Shocking much? Read further…

Radhika On Suffering From Inferiority Complex

Recently, Radhika Pandit addressing the media regarding her upcoming film Adi Lakshmi Purana. While talking about the role that she’s playing the film, the actress said, ” My character in the film constantly suffers from inferiority complex. She’s been overweight since childhood, which has made her extremely self-critical. She feels she’s fat and doesn’t look good.’

Well, Radhika was only talking about the issues her character in the film faces. But, the actress admitted to the fact that sometimes in real life too, she feels inferior about her looks. She said, “There have been days when I have looked at myself in the mirror and cringed about my hair.”

She provided further clarification saying, ” The aspects I am talking about is only limited to my character and that doesn’t form the centre of the film. Adi Lakshmi Purana is a light-hearted entertainer that can be enjoyed by anybody.”

Radhika also proudly stated that she got to closely work with female technicians in the film. She was impressed by the way they handled cameras and other equipment. Radhika further added that the female technicians handled the crowd beautifully when they shot a few sequences in KR Market.

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