Darshan Finally Reveals His ‘Challenge For Another Celebrity & Fans Gush Over His Goodwill

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Challenging Star Darshan shared a tweet in the morning, that had left his fans and followers puzzled. He spoke about one celebrity openly challenging another. He also said that he would be going live on his Facebook handle in the afternoon. A while ago, he finally arrived before his fans who were eagerly waiting and revealed his challenge for another celebrity. When D Boss presented his challenge in the short video, fans couldn’t stop themselves from gushing over his goodwill and kindness. Wondering what we are talking about? Read further!

Darshan Reveals Challenge For Another Celebrity

In the video Darshan says, “Everyone’s been eagerly waiting to know more about the challenge. You must be wondering ‘What’s this challenge from one celebrity to another Darshan’s talking about’. You all consider me as a celebrity, but for me, my fans are the biggest celebrities.”

“Kurukshetra will be releasing soon. A lot of stars have worked in it. Be it for Appaji, Ravi sir, Arjun sir, Nikhil and many more. So, I request you all to respect them as much as you respect me. Please do not create an issue only because my picture is not present on the audio release pass,” he further added.

Talking about the extensive work that has gone behind making a film like Kurukshetra, Darshan said, “I request you all to stay calm , sit together and watch the film. Making a film like Kurukshetra by itself is a tough task. Muniratna has taken the initiative to make such a film.”

Darshan further added, ” I want you all to watch the film with your families and enjoy the characters. This is my challenge to you. I request you all to shower your love and blessing on the film.”

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Darshan posted this video after fans took to social media to trash the producer Muniratna for not including any of the stars’ picture on the audio release pass. The movie is schedules to release on August 8, along with Sudeep’s Pailwaan.


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