Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Visit The Cheesecake Factory Twice — Pics – Hollywood Life

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were spotted visiting The Cheesecake Factory in Dayton, Ohio with their daughter North and their son Saint on the nights of Aug. 23 & 24 and fans were sure to capture hilarious pics.

Kim Kardashian, 38, and husband Kanye West, 42, proved they love The Cheesecake Factory restaurant when they visited the establishment two nights in a row! The superstar couple brought along two of their four kids North, 6, and Saint, 3, to the popular chain while visiting Dayton, OH on Aug. 23 & 26 and it brought on some pretty funny fan responses and pics. The family enjoyed the the popular menu option of the Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake, the restaurant confirmed to People, and seemed to have a fun time while dining together despite the obvious attention from onlookers.

One onlooker in particular was a mother who tried to sneakingly take a photo of Kanye while he at one point was standing behind her when she was sitting at a table in the restaurant. The mother’s daughter shared a pic of her mom attempting to take the photo as Kanye noticed and stared at her from where he was standing. “Here’s Kanye West looking at my mom while she takes a picture of him,” she captioned the pic, which showed her mom holding up a phone as Kanye could be seen standing in a yellow hoodie and gray pants in the background. The hilarious snapshot quickly made its rounds and the mother eventually also shared the photo she took of Kanye as well as a photo she took of Kim, who could be seen walking in the restaurant while wearing nothing but an oversized gray shirt without pants.

In addition to the mother and daughter’s pics, other pics and videos began to surface from the family’s time at the restaurant, including one video in which they could be seen leaving the restaurant as a large crowd of people who were waiting for them outside, started taking photos with their phones and cheering as they got into a car.

Kanye and Kim were in Dayton for Kanye’s church service that was part of Dave Chapelle‘s Gem City Shine benefit honoring the victims of the mass shooting that happened on Aug. 4.


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