Shivam Jemini Talks About His First Web Series ‘A Summer Story’ And Life After Working With Shah Rukh Khan

Shivam Jemini, 22, has big dreams and a desire to do great work with his short films, web series and much more. As he quotes, with his work he ‘wants to tell stories to which people can relate to’. Shivam also has his own YouTube channel called ‘Daring Ones Films’ which he started in 2015 and has over 4000 subscribers. He has over 53K followers on his Instagram page which goes by the username @shivamjemini.

In 2016, Shivam (who was 19) edited Shah Rukh Khan’s FAN trailer in such an impressive way that the superstar offered him a job to work at Red Chillies Entertainment. SRK tweeted about it and the cherry on the cake was it was Shivam’s birthday when this happened. He was all over the news and every time SRK and Shivam meet, Khan expresses how much he loved his work.

After working with SRK and later with Imtiaz Ali in 2017, Shivam Jemini made some fantastic short films like Diwali Mubarak, The Last Class, Alfia, Through The Rainbow and many more. He is all set to come up with his first web series titled – A Summer Story. It is a story of friendship, love and finding a way back to living ‘life’ again. He wrote the web series after he left his job at the end of 2018 and wasn’t sure if a 9-6 job is something he wishes to do further.

The teaser was released recently and this slice-of-life series look compelling. Along with Shivam himself, A Summer Story stars Pourush Singh, Arya Singhal and Rohit Raghavendra. They all have equally contributed to making this web series happen with the acting as well as shooting the same. He has also collaborated with different artists and musicians for the same.

Shivam said that SRK inspires him to put his best foot forward. He also credits his dad and said, “I have always seen my dad work super hard for everything. He always told me ‘don’t just dream for it, work for it’.”

This year, Shivam Jemini also worked with ace actor Rajit Kapur for a short film which will be out soon.

Coming to A Summer Story, the episodes of the same will be live next month on his YouTube channel – Daring Ones Films.


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